From the Manger to the Tomb... the most important stories ever told always included angels.

Today you can be an angel in someone else's story and it won't cost you a dime!

Angels Among Us

With just 3 pebbles from your neighborhood, you can create a rock angel!

Rock Angels - Make One Be One

Join the ROCK ANGELS - Make One Be One Challenge! In an effort to show love, we are leaving a note and an angel (made with rocks from the neighborhood) on the doorstep of a neighbor. The profile of a flying angel is so easy to make. With just 3 rocks, anyone of any age can make one. If you like instructions, we've included Patti Rokus from Rocks Tell Stories video tutorial and PDF ebook to help out. 

The note you include can be the printable strip. On it is a QR Code that your neighbor can simply point their phone's camera at, and it will bring up Patti's 4 min video of the rocks telling the story of Easter. 

We hope your neighbor feels noticed, loved, and part of the community. And they can feel God's love through the Easter story. Simple!  

 Patti Rokus and Melia Rios-lazo

Here is what is included in the Angel Digital Kit:
  • How to Make Rock Angels: Video Tutorial and PDF ebook.
  • ​Angel Notes to Give to a Neighbor.
  • An Angel Bookmark in 3 different colors.
  • ​Bible Verses about Angels.
We have created this Angel Digital Kit created by Melia from Family Story Life to help you serve others and you can download it for FREE!

Why are we giving all of this away at not cost to you? After the hardships and disconnection of 2020, we want to help us all reconnect to each other, and remember that we're not alone. Join this movement in rebuilding our communities, small and large, including families, neighbors, and friends. We can be an angel for someone else and make a difference together.
"The angels that walk among us in our everyday lives are powerful reminders of God’s love for us." - Carlos Godoy
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